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Officials and Scorekeeping 

  • Officials

    • Must use paid & certified officials

    • We will host an official’s clinic

      • Clubs must have a representative present or they will not be eligible to host events

      • That rep is responsible for training any people they plan on using as an official.  

      • An official from an accredited official’s association is exempt from the clinic but must be educated on league rules/protocol/procedures

    • Proposed clinic date: TBA

    • We will not use R2s

  • Scorekeeping

    • Do we want official scoring?

      • Clubs vote: YES

      • Full scorekeeping will be utilized

      • We are researching if AAU provides an online officials clinic similar to USAV as some clubs do not participate in USAV events and do not have access to their training materials. 

      • Lineup sheets are not necessary; coaches can simply write their lineup directly on the scoresheet

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